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L-R: Sam Philp, Miles Bergman, Jay Rantall, Max King (St Kilda), Ben King (Gold Coast), Cooper Stephens, Brady Rowles and Hayden Young

AFL Draft Combine results

NAB League Boys players recorded the top results among all participants in each physical test at this week’s NAB AFL Draft Combine in Melbourne.

Miles Bergman (Sandringham Dragons), Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers), Sam Philp (Northern Knights), Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays), Jay Rantall (GWV Rebels) and Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons) all finished on top of the standings across a range of physical assessments in front of AFL club recruiters on Thursday.

Then in the final test of the event on Friday morning, Rantall set a new Combine record in the 2km time trial with a time of 5min 50sec, while Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons) came in second with a time of 5min 51sec – also well under the previous record of 6min 4sec set last year.



See the top results in 2019 AFL Draft Combine tests below.



Miles Bergman (Sandringham Dragons): 77cm

Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers): 73

Ben Johnson: 70

Daniel Mott (Calder Cannons): 70

Cody Weightman (Dandenong Stingrays): 69

Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power): 69

Lachlan Williams (Dandenong Stingrays): 69

Sam Philp (Northern Knights): 69

Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers): 69

Combine record (89cm): Jordan Gallucci (ex-Eastern Ranges) in 2016 and Aiden Bonar (ex-Dandenong Stingrays) in 2017



Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers): 98cm

Miles Bergman (Sandringham Dragons): 90

Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power): 88

Cian McBride: 87

Lachlan Williams (Dandenong Stingrays): 86

Hugo Ralphsmith (Sandringham Dragons): 86

Jaxon Prior: 85

Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers): 85

Oscar Lewis (Sandringham Dragons): 83

Kysaiah Pickett: 83

Cody Weightman (Dandenong Stingrays): 83

Will Day: 83

Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers): 83

Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons): 83

Harrison Jones (Calder Cannons): 83

Combine record (103cm): Kyron Hayden in 2017



Sam Philp (Northern Knights): 2.867 seconds

Ben Johnson: 2.885

Malcolm Rosas: 2.924

Mitch Georgiades: 2.925

Noah Cumberland: 2.931

Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons): 2.957

Harrison Jones (Calder Cannons): 2.963

Jeremy Sharp: 2.966

Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers): 2.968

Dylan Stephens: 2.972

Combine record (2.75 seconds): Joel Wilkinson in 2010



Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays): 7.940 seconds

Elijah Taylor: 8.005

Thomson Dow (Bendigo Pioneers): 8.061

Trent Rivers: 8.100

Oisin Gallen: 8.197

Chad Warner: 8.203

Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power): 8.206

Noah Cumberland: 8.208

Connor Budarick: 8.242

Dylan Stephens: 8.245

Combine record (7.77 seconds): Stephen Hill in 2008



Jay Rantall (GWV Rebels): level 21.8

Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons): 21.8

Connor Budarick: 21.6

Chad Warner: 21.6

Oscar Lewis (Sandringham Dragons): 21.5

Sam Philp (Northern Knights): 21.5

Lachlan Ash (Murray Bushrangers): 21.4

Harrison Jones (Calder Cannons): 21.4

Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons): 21.4

Trey Ruscoe: 21.4

Riley Baldi (Gippsland Power): 21.3

Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power): 21.3

Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers): 21.3

Jeremy Sharp: 21.3

Combine record (level 22.4): Andrew Brayshaw (ex-Sandringham Dragons) in 2017



Jay Rantall (GWV Rebels): 5min 50sec

Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons): 5min 51sec

Louis Butler (Sandringham Dragons): 6min 9sec

Hugo Ralphsmith (Sandringham Dragons): 6min 12sec

Noah Anderson (Oakleigh Chargers): 6min 17sec

Ned Cahill (Dandenong Stingrays): 6min 17sec

Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers): 6min 17sec

Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons): 6min 17sec

Jack Mahony (Sandringham Dragons): 6min 24sec

Caleb Serong (Gippsland Power): 6min 24sec

Ryan Byrnes (Sandringham Dragons): 6min 28sec

Previous Combine record (6min 4sec): Jacob Kennerley in 2018


Follow all the NAB AFL Combine Testing today via @NABLeague on Twitter and Instagram.Sam Philp Northern Knights impressed with a 2.87 20m sprint time.

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