Published on November 26, 2019 9:47 am

AFL EYE-CATCHERS: Kevin Sheehan’s Top 40

AFL Talent Ambassador Kevin Sheehan has announced his annual top 40 prospects for the NAB AFL Draft, with 26 NAB League players featuring in his list for the 2019 intake on November 27-28.

“I am very bullish about the future potential of my Top 40, with a good spread of sizes and playing positions included,” Sheehan said.


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“This year, my Top 40 consists of four tall defenders, four tall forwards and two potential ruckmen along with two tall midfielders. My list also includes five smalls (less than 180cm), reinforcing that if you are good enough you are big enough.

“The majority of this year’s Top 40 are classified as medium-sized players (180-189cm) who play through the midfield, forward and back.

“There are players representing Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, NSW/ACT and Tasmania, while outstanding prospects Connor Budarick (Queensland) and Malcolm Rosas Jnr (Northern Territory) are not included after they were pre-selected as rookies by the Gold Coast Suns.”




See the list of NAB League players among Kevin Sheehan’s top 40 prospects for the 2019 NAB AFL Draft (in alphabetical order) below and CLICK HERE to see the full list with more player information.


NOAH ANDERSON (Oakleigh Chargers)

“Medium midfielder/forward with elite repeat efforts, using his footy smarts and ball-winning ability to impact games… Strong overhead and in one-on-one contests, he also has uncanny goal sense.”


LACHLAN ASH (Murray Bushrangers)

“Medium defender with line-breaking speed who reads the ball coming into defence exceptionally well. Can intercept-mark and link up with his team to outnumber the opposition and provide rebounds.”


MILES BERGMAN (Sandringham Dragons)

“Medium midfielder/forward who is strong one-on-one both in the air and at ground level. Has natural speed and power and has been a consistent performer this year at club, school and representative levels.”


TRENT BIANCO (Oakleigh Chargers)

“Medium midfielder/defender who is a creative playmaker with his elite decision-making and execution by both hand and foot on both sides of his body. Prolific ball-winner with excellent game sense.”


CHARLIE COMBEN (Gippsland Power)

“Tall forward/ruckman who has improved in leaps and bounds this year. Agile and strong overhead, he can provide… mobility around the ground and a marking target up forward.”


SAM DE KONING (Dandenong Stingrays)

“Tall defender who is athletic, mobile and can move forward to impact the game. His intercept-marking is a feature of his game down back, where he also shows plenty of dash.”


THOMSON DOW (Bendigo Pioneers)

“Medium midfielder who is explosive and reads the game exceptionally well. He makes good decisions – particularly with his creative hands – and is composed with the ball.”


SAM FLANDERS (Gippsland Power)

“Powerful medium forward/midfielder who has impacted matches all year, with his contested-ball-winning ability and strength in one-on-one contests real features of his play.”


EMERSON JEKA (Western Jets)

“Tall forward/defender who has solid speed and agility for his size and presents well as a leading target when forward. He has very quick hands… (and) a very neat kick for a 198cm key-position player.”


HARRISON JONES (Calder Cannons)

“Tall forward who is very lightly built, so has massive upside physically. He has a safe set of hands overhead and he presents well as a marking target up forward. He is (also) an accurate set shot for goal.”


BRODIE KEMP (Bendigo Pioneers)

“Tall defender/forward who… reads the play exceptionally well in either role, with his overhead marking elite. He ruptured his ACL in a school game after the (AFL Under-18) Championships but is on the road to a full recovery.”


FINN MAGINNESS (Sandringham Dragons)

“Medium midfielder who is an aggressive and consistent ball-winner in the midfield and can push forward and hit the scoreboard. He is strong overhead and in stoppage situations, has good vision and is very creative by hand and foot.”


JACK MAHONY (Sandringham Dragons)

“Small forward/midfielder who uses his decision-making and footy smarts to set up opportunities for his team around the goals. Excels at stoppages and provides strong on-field leadership.”


FISCHER McASEY (Sandringham Dragons)

“Tall defender whose intercept-marking was a feature of his 2019 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships playing for Vic Metro. He also showed precise decision-making on when to spoil and mark and controlled his position.”


MITCHELL O’NEILL (Tasmania Devils)

“Small midfielder who is a prolific ball-winner with the ability to step through traffic with his elite agility. He is courageous and clean overhead with a long, penetrating kick.”


SAM PHILP (Northern Knights)

“Medium midfielder whose attack on the ball, reading off hands and work rate have been real features of his game… A one-touch player who wins contested ball and tackles strongly.”


HUGO RALPHSMITH (Sandringham Dragons)

“Medium midfielder/forward who is a gifted all-round athlete with speed, agility and an impressive natural leap. His run and carry, overhead marking and goal sense make him a dangerous player.”



“Medium midfielder who continued to develop and progress throughout the year… After representing Australia in basketball at last year’s World Cup in Argentina, his work rate, clean hands and creativity with the ball were all features of his game.”


MATTHEW ROWELL (Oakleigh Chargers)

“Medium midfielder who is a massive accumulator of the ball, using his relentless attack, clean hands and courage to win possession. A playmaker with great vision and game sense, he has been an ultra-consistent performer in his under-aged career.”


CALEB SERONG (Gippsland Power)

“Prolific ball-winning small midfielder/forward, with his one-touch marking overhead and clean hands at ground level features of his game. A powerful athlete with a penetrating kick.”


BROCK SMITH (Gippsland Power)

“Medium defender with a great appetite for the contest and very strong overhead. He is tough and shows good use of the ball… A very good player one-on-one and courageous in his attack on the ball.”


COOPER STEPHENS (Geelong Falcons)

“Medium midfielder who is strong in the contest and an outstanding contested-ball-winner. He uses the ball particularly well by foot and started the season in excellent form… before fracturing his leg.”


CODY WEIGHTMAN (Dandenong Stingrays)

“Small forward who presents well, using his anticipation and strength with his overhead marking to be a lively target. Very good one-on-one player who can turn his opponent inside out and has innate goal sense.”


DYLAN WILLIAMS (Oakleigh Chargers)

“Left-footed medium forward who can also go back. Extremely strong overhead and a long penetrating kick with innate goal sense… Injury curtailed his 2019 season… but he is on track to make a full recovery.”


JOSH WORRELL (Sandringham Dragons)

“Left-footed tall defender with very good closing speed and repeat efforts. A versatile type who played back, midfield and forward in the 2019 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships and showed strength overhead and sound goalkicking technique.”


HAYDEN YOUNG (Dandenong Stingrays)

“An outstanding aerialist with intercept-marking a key feature of his game. He is a strong decision-maker who uses the ball in a neat manner on his left foot… A consistent performer in a variety of roles.”



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