Published on June 22, 2019 1:38 pm

Analea McKee (Geelong Falcons - L) celebrates kicking a goal for Vic Country against Vic Metro

AFLW U16 RESULT: Country d Metro

Vic Country overcame a slow start to defeat Vic Metro by 14 points in both teams’ final AFL Women’s Under-16 representative match at Avalon Airport Oval on Saturday.

* CLICK HERE to watch a replay of the Vic Country vs Vic Metro AFL Women’s Under-16 match.


This was the second AFLW Under-16 representative outing for both teams, after Country lost to South Australia by 10 points at McDonald Park in Mount Gambier and Metro defeated the NSW/ACT Rams by 25 points at Rams Arena two weekends ago.



VIC COUNTRY   1.0   2.4   4.6   6.8 (44)

VIC METRO   3.2   3.3   4.6   4.6 (30)



Vic Country: A. McKee (Geelong) 2, C. Mailer (Murray), T. Angwin (Gippsland), M. Gilmour (Gippsland), T. Meier (GWV)

Vic Metro: T. Smart (Northern), T. Gillard (Calder), M. Appleby (Northern), C. Murphy (Sandringham)



Vic Country: K. Skepper (Murray), A. McKee, M. Gilmour, T. Slender (Bendigo), E. Dowling (Geelong), G. Matser (Gippsland)

Vic Metro: M. Hardy (Eastern), E. Yassir (Calder), K. Lennox (Calder), S. Reid (Oakleigh), P. Poultney (Calder), J. Woods (Western)

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