Published on June 20, 2019 6:30 pm


The teams have been announced for NAB League Boys Round 11, the first of two Futures Rounds taking place over the next couple of weekends.

The Futures Rounds require clubs to select at least 11 players who are currently in their 16th or 17th year, with team line-ups allowed to consist of up to 24 players. The 23rd player rule will not apply in Futures Rounds.

The six country Victorian teams will benefit from Vic Country’s bye in Round 3 of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships this weekend, with a host of top-line players returning to their NAB League clubs. Lachlan Ash (Murray Bushrangers), Sam De Koning (Dandenong Stingrays), Mitch Martin (GWV Rebels) and Brock Smith (Gippsland Power) are just some of the Country representatives who will be in action in Round 11.



Meanwhile, several players have been rotated out of Vic Metro’s line-up for Saturday’s Under-18 Championships match against South Australia in Adelaide, including Jack Bell (Sandringham Dragons), Josh Honey (Western Jets) and James Ross (Eastern Ranges), who will all return to their respective NAB League teams.


* CLICK HERE for a preview of Round 3 of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, including the team line-ups for Vic Metro and the Allies.


The Tasmania Devils will also regain recent Championships representatives Sam Collins and Oliver Davis for their clash with the Northern Knights on Saturday after they were left out of the Allies’ side to face Western Australia, also on Saturday in Adelaide.


See the full NAB League Boys Round 11 teams below.

* CLICK HERE for printable PDF team lists.




Round 11 – 22/06/2019


Twins Ovals – Kingston



B: 35. L. Viney, 38. O. Shaw, 17. P. Walker

HB: 13. S. Collins, 9. J. Chaplin, 14. B. Simpson

C: 12. I.  Chugg, 18. E.  Jackson, 60. J. Barwick

HF: 33. L. Borsboom, 25. J. Callow, 31. J. Menzie

F: 20. W. Harper, 56. J. Lane, 59. T. Reeves

R: 8. J. Steele, 19. S. Lewis-Johnson, 2. O. Burrows-Cheng

Int: 58. Z. Adams, 3. O. Davis, 39. S. Green, 23. H. Ireland, 44. A. Moore, 57. T. Penwright, 4. W. Peppin, 26. O. Sanders, 54. B. Ryan


In: T. Penwright, O. Davis, A. Moore, T. Reeves, S. Collins, S. Green, H. Ireland, J. Barwick, B. Ryan

Out: M. McGuinness,  S. Banks,  R. Banks-Smith,  L. Gadomski,  B. Gordon



B: 4. J. Davies, 51. R. Uwandu, 31. H. Ramshaw

HB: 27. E. Macpherson, 45. A. Taylor, 42. J. Potter

C: 41. N.  Kitchell, 5. J.  D’Intinosante, 10. J.  Lucente

HF: 12. C. Barbera, 16. O. Simpson, 17. J. Bowne

F: 25. H. Gill, 24. B. Major, 40. L. Mcmahon

R: 49. Z. Reichert, 43. T. McMahon, 13. S. Philp

Int: 26. D. Akuei, 34. Z. Costello, 20. E. Frawley, 21. J. Janev, 47. M. Sindrivanis, 44. L. Waldron


In: J. Janev, Z. Costello, H. Gill, D. Akuei, Z. Reichert, L. Mcmahon, L. Waldron, E. Frawley, J. Bowne, T. McMahon

Out: J. Watson, A. Carafa, N. Cox, J. Boyd, B. Leonard, C. Simonsen, N. Howard, J. Trudgeon, B. Nikolovski




Round 11 – 22/06/2019


Mars Stadium – Ballarat



B: 22. M. Burgess, 18. J. Wright, 8. J. Cleaver

HB: 21. N. Stevens, 20. C. Giddings, 9. I. Wareham

C: 14. L.  Herbert, 12. R.  Polkinghorne, 32. H.  Sharp

HF: 2. I. Grant, 19. N. Caris, 6. J. Tillig

F: 1. C. Craig-Peters, 33. R. O’Keefe, 41. F. Marris

R: 29. P. Glanford, 3. T. Mahony, 7. M. Martin

Int: 37. F. Atchison, 27. M. Herbert, 38. T. Jennings, 40. F. Macdonald, 16. C. Nagorcka, 34. L. O’Brien

Emg: 23. D. McEldrew, 26. N. Nash, 36. H. Waters


In: C. Nagorcka, T. Jennings, L. Herbert, L. O’Brien, M. Herbert, H. Sharp, M. Martin, F. Atchison, T. Mahony, P. Glanford

Out: E. Ajang,  J. Dwyer,  I. Ewing,  M. Lloyd,  P. Rea,  C. Hinkley



B: 8. J. Kellett, 28. K. Crimmins, 39. L. Phillips

HB: 23. B. Chehade, 26. C. Raak, 4. L. Rocci

C: 27. D.  Grmusa, 10. Z.  Christofi, 2. H.  White

HF: 22. D. Edwards, 44. A. Manton, 3. E. Ford

F: 24. J. Honey, 47. W. Kennedy, 32. H. Schumann

R: 49. L. Vidovic, 19. J. Horo, 7. D. Andrews

Int: 15. H. Blake, 5. K. Borg, 37. L. Conway, 14. M. Cousins, 43. L. Green, 11. J. Haines, 36. C. Mackenzie-George, 17. N. Reynolds, 46. A. Tanner


In: L. Vidovic, J. Haines, H. Schumann, L. Conway, C. Mackenzie-George, H. Blake, J. Honey, A. Tanner, L. Green, D. Andrews

Out: D. Pantalleresco, E. Jeka, A. Clarke, C. White, S. Clifford, L. Rzanovski




Round 11 – 22/06/2019


Shepley Oval – Dandenong



B: 16. J. Klein, 32. B. Kuipers, 33. H. Sullivan

HB: 38. M. Gregory, 17. B. Milford, 29. F. Hynes

C: 47. W.  Bravo, 34. R.  Orchard, 50. L.  Williams

HF: 13. N. Heath, 36. J. Roysmith, 37. B. Welsh

F: 10. C. Gay, 20. S. De Koning, 51. A. Williamson

R: 55. P. Gerdan, 39. J. Toner, 12. M. Haywood

Int: 54. C. Battams, 8. B. Cliffe, 5. L. Cooper, 9. W. Howe, 40. S. Merrick, 31. J. Mounter, 23. J. Neal, 48. J. Stuart, 41. T. Westworth


In: J. Mounter, J. Neal, J. Klein, C. Battams, B. Cliffe, H. Sullivan, S. De Koning, S. Merrick, P. Gerdan, N. Heath, L. Cooper, L. Williams, T. Westworth

Out: L. Goonan,  J. Stuart,  D. Smith,  C. Ellison,  D. Gould,  D. Popa,  J. Nanscawen,  H. Berenger,  J. Thomas



B: 48. M. Hallows, 18. C. Crisp, 44. J. Hillary

HB: 12. L. Ash, 25. L. Fiore, 19. J. Boyer

C: 6. W.  Chandler, 5. C.  Wild, 26. S.  Durham

HF: 54. D. Bedendo, 13. H. Kaak, 2. C. Byrne

F: 24. T. Panuccio, 1. W. Christie, 53. C. Wilson

R: 3. B. Kelly, 21. D. Everett, 14. J. Chalcraft

Int: 22. E. Baxter, 55. R. Bouker, 37. K. Brown, 9. K. Chalcraft, 56. J. Cooper, 15. P. Parnell

Emg: 35. T. Matthes, 49. C. McLeod


In: L. Ash, C. Wild, T. Matthes, M. Hallows, K. Brown, W. Christie, J. Cooper, W. Chandler

Out: K. Williamson, J. Crawford, Z. Maher, Z. Barzen, D. Clarke




Round 11 – 22/06/2019


Morwell Recreation Reserve



B: 8. B. McAuliffe, 41. D. McRae, 37. H. Pepper

HB: 24. B. Maslen, 14. T. Hourigan, 12. B. Smith

C: 29. T.  Rees, 35. J.  van der Pligt, 15. R.  Sparkes

HF: 21. M. McGarrity, 13. T. Fitzpatrick, 20. H. Neocleous

F: 30. T. Baldi, 43. Z. Skinner, 19. F. Phillips

R: 17. C. Comben, 10. L. Connolly, 7. S. Berry

Int: 1. R. Angwin, 39. M. Hawkins, 34. J. Hume, 40. T. Mann, 3. M. McGannon, 25. J. McGrath, 42. M. Nicholas, 9. W. Papley, 33. N. Prowd


In: H. Pepper, N. Prowd, M. Hawkins, R. Sparkes, F. Phillips, B. Smith, C. Comben, S. Berry, J. Hume

Out: D. Bourke,  S. Tapner,  L. Williams,  B. MacFarlane,  F. Shields



B: 78. J. Nelson, 36. R. Valentine, 34. V. Zagari

HB: 20. M. Tighello, 30. S. Tucker, 13. L. Winter

C: 21. K.  Jones, 12. L.  Jenkins, 53. F.  Maguire

HF: 57. S. Seach, 65. T. Lovell, 75. A. Tassell

F: 22. T. Graham, 61. C. Stone, 77. N. Stathopoulos

R: 63. J. Woodfull, 27. J. May, 1. L. Westwood

Int: 48. A. Hart, 70. J. Kempson, 67. H. Mundy, 64. B. Rogers, 19. D. Romero, 73. C. Sharman, 44. C. Spiteri, 50. L. Stelling, 68. R. Walsh


In: C. Spiteri, L. Winter, M. Tighello, D. Romero, B. Rogers, K. Jones, S. Seach, T. Lovell, L. Stelling, C. Sharman, J. Nelson, J. Woodfull, R. Walsh, S. Tucker, L. Westwood, C. Stone, A. Hart, J. Kempson

Out: J. Lucas, R. McInnes, J. Ugle-Hagan, B. Laurie, M. Steiner, W. Phillips, N. Guiney, B. Jepson, L. Johnson, G. Varagiannis, H. Mastras, K. Schreiber, F. Elliot, J. Ayton-Delaney




Round 11 – 22/06/2019


Mars Stadium – Ballarat



B: 42. C. Maxted, 34. W. Wallace, 26. N. Walsh

HB: 20. J. Schischka, 44. S. O’Farrell, 19. B. Worme

C: 25. W.  Shaw, 21. R.  Wilson, 27. C.  Smith

HF: 1. S. Conforti, 22. J. Treacy, 29. J. Ginnivan

F: 59. R. Clarke, 10. B. Vaz, 51. S. Mitchell

R: 12. A. Cole, 31. R. Ironside, 40. J. Evans

Int: 43. E. Davie, 30. J. Dick-O’Flaherty, 50. F. Ellis Castle, 11. A. Gundry, 47. L. Latch, 3. A. McPhee, 28. Z. Murley, 38. B. Rowles



B: 35. O. Barrow, 52. S. Christensen, 43. J. Paatsch

HB: 12. N. Gribble, 53. C. Fleeton, 18. B. Reid

C: 7. C.  Harris, 30. H.  Stubbings, 21. L.  Smith

HF: 4. G. Bove, 55. M. Langan, 26. J. Mullen

F: 27. C. Brauer, 37. O. Henry, 17. S. Ham

R: 46. H. Walsh, 11. C. Karpala, 3. K. Rayner

Int: 49. M. Annandale, 58. R. Bell, 31. S. Fonseca-Hateley, 10. L. Hood, 9. B. Jepson, 20. W. Kilpatrick, 56. L. Lloyd, 34. C. Page, 25. J. Sarcevic


In: N. Gribble, C. Brauer, B. Jepson, L. Lloyd, S. Ham, H. Walsh, S. Fonseca-Hateley, C. Page, M. Annandale, J. Paatsch, L. Hood

Out: C. Sprague, J. Paterson, J. Grigsby, N. Gadsby, K. Skene, C. Lazzaro, S. Bourke





Round 11 – 23/06/2019


Box Hill City Oval



B: 12. J. Gilbee, 41. K. Phelan, 40. J. Hourihan

HB: 4. J. Clarke, 21. J. Ross, 19. W. Parker

C: 20. C.  Downie, 7. L.  Stapleton, 30. T.  Edwards

HF: 15. S. Feagaimalii, 18. B. McCormack, 43. C. Foulis

F: 27. J. Jaworski, 36. B. Hickleton, 22. B. White

R: 47. J. Diedrich, 23. Z. Pretty, 45. M. Zalac

Int: 10. C. Black, 55. J. Eales, 50. F. Kroeger, 34. J. O’Connor, 58. N. Riddle, 2. M. Silvaggi, 53. J. Tilly, 3. C. Tilyard, 37. J. Weichard


In: S. Feagaimalii, M. Silvaggi, J. Diedrich, L. Stapleton, N. Riddle, J. Eales, J. O’Connor, J. Ross, C. Foulis, F. Kroeger, C. Black

Out: J. Duffy,  T. Garner,  J. Nathan,  L. Gawel,  M. Massarotti,  R. Smith,  J. Rossiter



B: 56. J. Gray, 69. L. Hayes, 75. M. Lewis

HB: 74. H. Loughnan, 24. C. Langford, 17. T. Milne

C: 3. G.  Grey, 67. B.  Tonkin, 7. J.  Voss

HF: 47. N. Grech, 14. K. Yorke, 53. E. Soylemez

F: 19. J. Goddard, 59. O. Lord, 16. J. Mifsud

R: 32. J. Bell, 5. R. Byrnes, 2. D. Chirgwin

Int: 49. L. Carrigan, 8. T. Deane-Johns, 18. J. Lloyd, 72. C. Long, 58. J. Mackinnon, 73. J. Miller, 60. J. Nowell, 39. B. O’Leary, 71. T. Sheezel


In: R. Byrnes, B. Tonkin, T. Sheezel, C. Long, J. Miller, J. Bell, D. Chirgwin, H. Loughnan, J. Nowell, M. Lewis, L. Carrigan, J. Mifsud, J. Gray, J. Goddard, T. Deane-Johns, N. Grech, L. Hayes, C. Langford, J. Mackinnon

Out: A. Perkins, L. Cleary, J. Bowey, J. Florent, R. Bowman, L. Lamble, N. Burke, L. Hall, W. Mackay, J. Brazionis, J. Castan, A. Hanrahan, R. Virtue, A. Courtney, J. Le Grice

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