Published on April 11, 2019 6:30 pm


NAB League Boys Round 4 pits the six interstate-based teams against some of the competition’s Victorian clubs for the first time in 2019. See all selected teams for this weekend here.

While the six country Victorian teams have a bye in Round 4, the six metro Victorian teams will compete across several states – with the Oakleigh Chargers and Eastern Ranges travelling to the Gold Coast and the Calder Cannons crossing Bass Strait to play in Penguin, Tasmania.



There are a host of important outs for each Victorian outfit this week, with trial games between U18 Vic Country and Vic Metro teams to take place on Saturday at Ikon Park from 10.30am and 12.30pm.

This means:

  • The Northern Knights will be without the likes of speedsters Lachlan Potter and Josh D’Intinosante for their clash with the GWS Giants Academy at Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval on Saturday;


  • In the second leg of a double-header at the same venue, the Sandringham Dragons will be missing a group of exciting prospects such as Jack Mahony, Josh Worrell and Charlie Dean against the Sydney Swans Academy;


  • Potential top 2019 NAB AFL Draft picks Noah Anderson and Matthew Rowell won’t make the Oakleigh Chargers’ trip to face the Gold Coast Suns Academy in Queensland on Sunday; and


  • Talented top-agers Emerson Jeka and Darcy Cassar won’t be in the Western Jets’ line-up for a meeting with the Northern Territory at Downer Oval on Sunday.


However, Round 4 presents a chance for many other NAB League Boys players to step up and show their wares in the absence of some of their highly-rated teammates.


See the full NAB League Boys Round 4 teams below.

* CLICK HERE for printable PDF team lists.




Round 4 – 13/04/2019


Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval – Sandringham



B: 26. D. Akuei, 51. R. Uwandu, 52. J. Mazzarella

HB: 10. J. Lucente, 45. A. Taylor, 27. E. Macpherson

C: 35. M.  McInerney, 18. S.  Brazier, 16. O.  Simpson

HF: 21. J. Janev, 29. J. Collins, 44. L. Waldron

F: 3. B. Nikolovski, 40. L. Mcmahon, 14. J. Watson

R: 15. N. Howard, 2. L. Perry, 13. S. Philp

Int: 12. C. Barbera, 17. J. Bowne, 59. J. Boyd, 37. K. Brandt, 46. S. House, 30. B. Leonard, 19. J. Trudgeon

23P: 42. J. Potter


In: C. Barbera, O. Simpson, S. House, M. McInerney, J. Janev, J. Watson, S. Brazier, J. Lucente, D. Akuei, L. Waldron, N. Howard, J. Collins, J. Potter, J. Trudgeon, K. Brandt

Out: L. Potter,  E. Cheesewright,  R. Sturgess,  R. Gardner,  A. Carafa,  Z. Costello, X. Naish,  N. Cox,  J. D’Intinosante,  C. Simonsen,  N. Kitchell,  J. Davies,  J. Matthews



B: 37. D. Beavan, 24. N. Murray, 40. J. Bishop

HB: 1. H. Grant, 27. J. Green, 20. J. Reed

C: 14. S.  Driscoll, 25. T.  Green, 6. T.  Organ

HF: 2. M. Hamblin, 26. L. Delahunty, 19. R. Mooney

F: 8. R. Drew, 22. L. Conlan, 10. J. Peatling

R: 35. J. Cullen, 17. J. Lucas, 28. M. McGrory

Int: 30. J. Gardiner, 15. W. Mudge, 13. J. Pope, 12. L. Squire

23P: 47. S. Brown


In: R. Drew, J. Pope, S. Brown, W. Mudge, J. Bishop

Out: K. Flack, C. Steele, C. Edwards, S. Frost, A. Whyte




Round 4 – 13/04/2019


Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval – Sandringham



B: 19. J. Goddard, 34. L. Garnaut, 10. J. Le Grice

HB: 25. J. Brazionis, 24. C. Langford, 42. L. Cleary

C: 9. N.  Burke, 7. J.  Voss, 3. G.  Grey

HF: 74. H. Loughnan, 14. K. Yorke, 39. B. O’Leary

F: 23. J. Florent, 16. J. Mifsud, 44. L. Riley

R: 28. R. Bowman, 15. A. Hanrahan, 51. D. Hipwell

Int: 26. J. Castan, 22. J. Cowden, 75. M. Lewis, 18. J. Lloyd, 37. W. Mackay, 21. T. Murray, 63. T. Spencer

23P: 45. A. Perkins


In: J. Cowden, G. Grey, D. Hipwell, J. Castan, M. Lewis, J. Florent, L. Cleary, J. Goddard, A. Perkins, L. Garnaut, J. Lloyd, C. Langford, T. Murray, J. Brazionis, K. Yorke, T. Spencer

Out: R. Byrnes,  H. Ralphsmith,  F. Maginness,  J. Bowey,  F. McAsey,  J. Mahony, O. Lewis,  J. Bell,  M. Bergman,  J. Worrell,  L. Butler,  C. Dean, C. Watts,  A. Courtney



B: 22. M. Geddes, 4. R. van Huisstede, 33. K. Martin

HB: 3. L. Parks, 38. J. Dol, 39. J. Rayner

C: 12. N.  Brewer, 10. J.  Barling, 23. E.  Gulden

HF: 16. L. Swaney, 5. H. Maguire, 11. A. Watling

F: 7. B. Campbell, 2. H. Ellem, 27. M. Sheather

R: 40. S. Gaden, 15. H. Parker, 9. S. Thorne

Int: 14. T. Baxter, 28. N. Casalini, 6. C. Nash, 17. P. Roseby, 29. T. Tyson, 21. Z. Youlten

23P: 8. K. McGrath


In: E. Gulden, K. McGrath

Out: K. McKellar





Round 4 – 14/04/2019


Southport Oval



B: 15. C. Joyce, 34. D. Koenen, 7. J. Smith

HB: 17. B. Deslandes, 31. J. Johnston, 10. M. Pescud

C: 6. R.  Buckland, 5. C.  Budarick, 18. A.  Fyfe

HF: 1. H. Oea, 13. J. Gore, 20. E. Semaan

F: 12. E. Dawson, 33. P. Murtagh, 3. M. Selsby

R: 32. M. Conroy, 28. A. Crossley, 14. M. Fraser

Int: 19. Z. Briggs, 22. A. Davies, 8. R. Nicholls, 9. B. Reeves, 29. H. Rowles

Emg: 2. C. Daly, 35. M. Newman


In: D. Koenen, E. Semaan

Out: J. Wingrave



B: 52. N. Guiney, 49. H. Mastras, 26. D. Orgill

HB: 39. R. McInnes, 31. J. Hindson, 13. L. Winter

C: 10. Z.  Hart, 15. K.  Schreiber, 12. L.  Jenkins

HF: 14. C. Oglethorpe, 71. M. Steiner, 17. G. Varagiannis

F: 24. B. Jepson, 67. H. Mundy, 7. J. Robertson

R: 63. J. Woodfull, 3. J. Ayton-Delaney, 18. F. Elliot

Int: 55. B. Fleming, 40. T. Furphy, 19. D. Romero, 59. D. Thomas

Emg: 47. N. Balderanos, 22. T. Graham, 34. V. Zagari

23P: 38. G. Belcher


In: J. Woodfull, T. Graham, D. Orgill, H. Mundy, T. Furphy, D. Thomas, L. Winter, C. Oglethorpe, N. Balderanos, D. Romero, G. Belcher, M. Steiner, J. Hindson

Out: N. Anderson, D. Williams, N. Bryan, N. Dempsey, S. Tucker, J. Ugle-Hagan, T. Bianco, W. Phillips, J. May, M. Rowell, F. Macrae




Round 4 – 14/04/2019


Penguin Oval – Tasmania



B: 35. L. Viney, 38. O. Shaw, 17. P. Walker

HB: 22. N. Baker, 7. M. McGuinness, 13. S. Collins

C: 21. L.  Gadomski, 3. O.  Davis, 39. S.  Green

HF: 48. J. Hennessy, 40. T. McGinniss, 31. J. Menzie

F: 20. W. Harper, 25. J. Callow, 4. W. Peppin

R: 8. J. Steele, 27. R. Mansell, 1. M. O’Neill

Int: 45. R. Ashlin, 46. S. Bruinewoud, 2. O. Burrows-Cheng, 9. J. Chaplin, 12. I. Chugg, 19. S. Lewis-Johnson, 50. C. Riethoff

23P: 6. S. Banks


In: I. Chugg, S. Banks, S. Bruinewoud



B: 4. K. Baker, 26. M. Fletcher, 23. C. Brand

HB: 33. T. Browning, 59. D. Tully, 32. M. Simpson

C: 27. N.  Gentile, 6. F.  Lakey, 39. B.  Overman

HF: 19. B. Rigoni, 12. J. O’Sullivan, 2. J. Sutton

F: 3. J. Cardillo, 30. J. Kemp, 16. J. Keeping

R: 36. P. Luckins, 10. H. Minton-Connell, 25. J. Martin

Int: 14. S. Bell-Bartels, 46. S. Callander, 42. F. O’Neill, 34. O. Sasalu

23P: 49. M. Allison


In: J. O’Sullivan, B. Overman, M. Allison, J. Martin, D. Tully

Out: S. Ramsay, C. Edwardes, D. Mott, H. Jones, C. Brown, B. Newman




Round 4  – 14/04/2019


Southport Oval



B: 17. J. Hammond, 44. C. Bulley, 23. T. Jeffrey

HB: 19. T. Griffiths, 40. N. Haberer, 28. E. Hunt

C: 12. S.  Crozier, 11. W.  Martyn, 18. B.  Reville

HF: 16. T. Abberley, 21. N. Cumberland, 13. B. Coleman

F: 9. W. Tasker, 36. J. Ward, 38. T. Wischnat

R: 60. S. Ryan, 51. C. Stackelberg, 27. D. Marsh

Int: 25. C. Aston, 48. C. Bowes, 43. J. Briskey, 35. S. Butler, 14. C. Michael, 20. J. Quint, 37. J. Moseley, 8. T. Townson


In: J. Quint, C. Bowes, C. Stackelberg, D. Marsh

Out: T. Triffett



B: 12. J. Gilbee, 31. J. Blanck, 40. J. Hourihan

HB: 4. J. Clarke, 39. J. Nathan, 19. W. Parker

C: 16. T.  Garner, 45. M.  Zalac, 3. C.  Tilyard

HF: 9. J. Duffy, 56. S. Mason, 27. J. Jaworski

F: 10. C. Black, 36. B. Hickleton, 53. J. Tilly

R: 48. S. Woodward, 15. S. Feagaimalii, 1. K. Hubber

Int: 38. M. Massarotti, 2. M. Silvaggi, 25. L. Vassis, 5. C. Weightman

Emg: 47. J. Diedrich, 44. H. Keeling, 28. T. Weir


In: C. Weightman, S. Woodward, S. Mason, J. Jaworski, J. Blanck, M. Massarotti, M. Silvaggi, H. Keeling

Out: C. Downie, C. Hirst, J. Rossiter, L. Gawel, M. Mellis, B. McCormack, R. Smith, J. Ross, Z. Pretty




Round 4  – 14/04/2019


Downer Oval – Williamstown



B: 8. J. Kellett, 42. E. Acevski, 41. L. Rzanovski

HB: 34. E. Bentley, 28. K. Crimmins, 25. S. Johnson

C: 5. K.  Borg, 29. B.  Ryan, 17. N.  Reynolds

HF: 31. S. Clifford, 33. S. El-Hawli, 19. J. Horo

F: 1. L. Failli, 45. A. Clarke, 44. A. Manton

R: 47. W. Kennedy, 4. L. Rocci, 7. D. Andrews

Int: 13. D. Bolkas, 10. Z. Christofi, 37. L. Conway, 9. J. Dodemaide, 27. D. Grmusa, 21. P. Nesci, 16. C. White

23P: 36. C. Mackenzie-George


In: S. El-Hawli, P. Nesci, D. Grmusa, C. White, J. Dodemaide, C. Mackenzie-George

Out: E. Jeka,  J. Honey,  E. Ford,  D. Cassar



B: 25. D. Forbes, 36. M. Cumming, 26. M. Green

HB: 23. M. Cooper, 24. J. Jeffrey, 7. B. Rusca

C: 14. J.  Salmon, 31. J.  Budarick, 11. S.  Tipiloura

HF: 27. B. O’Connell, 29. W. Derksen, 17. M. Rioli Jnr

F: 20. B. Hodges, 39. B. Ah Mat, 38. B. Minkulk

R: 35. S. Cumming, 19. B. Jungfer, 40. I. Seden-Kurnoth

Int: 18. J. Long, 32. M. McGregor, 28. J. Stevens, 2. T. Woods

Emg: 12. J. Box, 4. R. Fejo, 13. K. Kenny

23P: 9. J. Patrick


In: J. Long, J. Salmon, M. McGregor, S. Tipiloura, B. Ah Mat

Out: S. Foster, B. Lake

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