Published on May 15, 2019 12:33 pm

Brooke Vernon (Dandenong Stingrays) led the competition for total rebound-50s in 2019 (Photo by Brian Bartlett)


See the leaders in a range of stats categories at the end of the NAB League Girls home-and-away season, including top-ranked players from the Bendigo Pioneers, Calder Cannons, Dandenong Stingrays, Eastern Ranges, Geelong Falcons and Western Jets.

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  1. Georgie Prespakis (Calder Cannons) – 189 in eight games (23.6 average)
  2. Lucy McEvoy (Geelong Falcons) – 178 in eight games (22.3 average)
  3. Luka Lesosky-Hay (Geelong Falcons) – 178 in nine games (19.8 average)

16-year-old Prespakis – the sister of Carlton’s 2019 AFLW Rising Star Madison Prespakis – recorded over 20 disposals in five of her games and broke 30 on two occasions, with her season-high tally of 32 coming in a 14-point loss to the Geelong Falcons in Round 7. She kicked seven goals from 22 touches in a standout performance against the GWV Rebels in Round 2.



  1. Tess Flintoff (Eastern Ranges) – 49 in eight games (6.1 average)
  2. Abby Favell (Murray Bushrangers) – 37 in eight games (4.6 average)
  3. Lucy McEvoy (Geelong Falcons) – 33 in eight games (4.1 average)

In addition to her marking, 16-year-old Flintoff ranked second in the competition for total kicks and averaged 20 disposals per game, underlining her status as a skilful playmaker as the Ranges moved the ball forward. She took four or more marks in all bar one of her appearances, recording a season-high of 11 in a three-point loss to the Bendigo Pioneers in Round 2.



  1. Brooke Hards (Bendigo Pioneers) – 89 in nine games (9.9 average)
  2. Alana Barba (Calder Cannons) – 60 in nine games (6.7 average)
  3. Lucy McEvoy (Geelong Falcons) – 54 in eight games (6.8 average)

16-year-old Hards was a tackling machine for Bendigo in 2019, laying no fewer than five tackles in any match and posting double-digit tackle numbers in five games. Her season-high tally of 16 came in Round 8 during a 21-point loss to the Calder Cannons, the first of two occasions when she recorded more tackles than disposals.



  1. Taylah Kolevski (Western Jets) – 149 in nine games (16.6 average)
  2. Maggie Caris (GWV Rebels) – 140 in six games (23.3 average)
  3. Jaime Nelson (Northern Knights) – 131 in nine games (14.6 average)

18-year-old Kolevski topped this category despite standing 174cm – relatively ‘short’ compared to the likes of Caris (188cm) and Nelson (185cm). She became more dominant in the ruck as the season wore on, topping 20 hitouts in her last four games – with a season-high of 35 in a 37-point defeat of the Tasmania Devils in Round 7.



  1. Paige Sheppard (Geelong Falcons) – 46 in nine games (5.1 average)
  2. Tess Flintoff (Eastern Ranges) – 35 in eight games (4.4 average)
  3. Lucy McEvoy (Geelong Falcons) – 33 in eight games (4.1 average)
  4. Jessica Fitzgerald (Northern Knights) – 33 in nine games (3.7 average)

18-year-old Sheppard was a driving force for the Falcons in 2019, averaging 18 disposals per game and putting the ball inside Geelong’s forward 50 at least five times in all bar two of her matches. Her season-high of 10 inside-50s was recorded in a 58-point win against the Gippsland Power in Round 2.



  1. Brooke Vernon (Dandenong Stingrays) – 50 in eight games (6.3 average)
  2. Elisabeth Georgostathis (Western Jets) – 44 in nine games (4.9 average)
  3. Abbey Chapman (Geelong Falcons) – 39 in nine games (4.3 average)

Top-ager Vernon used a significant proportion of her possessions to rebound the Stingrays out of their defensive 50 – over 40 per cent of her average of 15 disposals per game. She launched five or more rebound-50s in all bar two of her appearances, with a season-high of 12 in a 13-point victory over the Murray Bushrangers in Round 8.



  1. Mia Skinner (Geelong Falcons) – 18 goals in nine games
  2. Alyssa Bannan (Northern Knights) – 12 goals in seven games
  3. Georgie Prespakis (Calder Cannons) – 12 goals in eight games
  4. Emily Harley (Oakleigh Chargers) – 12 goals in nine games

18-year-old Skinner was a key part of Geelong’s second-ranked attack (in terms of total points scored). She only went goalless twice in 2019 and kicked multiple majors on five occasions, including two hauls of four goals in wins against the Bendigo Pioneers in Round 3 and the Western Jets in Round 6.




DISPOSALS (28): Millie Brown (Murray Bushrangers)

KICKS (22): Lucy McEvoy (Geelong Falcons)

HANDBALLS (12): Sophie Molan (GWV Rebels), Darcy Moloney (Geelong Falcons) and Renee Tierney (Geelong Falcons)

MARKS (8): Lucy McEvoy (Geelong Falcons)

TACKLES (13): Brooke Hards (Bendigo Pioneers)

INSIDE-50s (9): Georgie Prespakis (Calder Cannons)

REBOUND-50s (7): Elisabeth Georgostathis (Western Jets), Shanara Notman (Gippsland Power) and Brooke Vernon (Dandenong Stingrays)

HITOUTS (32): Amelia Peck (Oakleigh Chargers)

GOALS (4): Tyanna Smith (Dandenong Stingrays)

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