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With the teams announced for the NAB League Girls Preliminary Finals, we preview Saturday’s Northern Knights vs Eastern Ranges and Geelong Falcons vs Calder Cannons clashes.

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Saturday May 18 @ Shepley Oval from 12.30pm



Minor premier Northern went through the home-and-away season unbeaten with a record of 8-0-1. A last-minute goal from Ellie McKenzie salvaged a draw with the Oakleigh Chargers in Round 2, before the Knights commenced a seven-game winning streak that included victories over Eastern and Geelong.

The Ranges finished with a record of 6-3, behind Calder on percentage. They were highly competitive in almost every match, losing by only three points to the Bendigo Pioneers in Round 2 and by four points to the Sandringham Dragons last week. Eastern’s biggest loss was to Northern by 24 points in Round 5 (see below).



Round 5 @ La Trobe University, Bundoora: Northern Knights 7.8 (50) d Eastern Ranges 4.2 (26)

It took the Knights until late in the third quarter to start gaining the ascendency over the Ranges, kicking the last three goals of the match to surge to victory. Northern captain Gabrielle Newton (23 disposals and 13 hitouts) and Britney Gutknecht (20 and eight inside-50s) starred in the win, with Nell Morris-Dalton and Ellie McKenzie each kicking two majors. Tess Flintoff was among the standout players for Eastern with 20 disposals and five inside-50s.



Northern Knights:

  • TOTAL DISPOSALS: Gabrielle Newton (19.9 average)
  • TOTAL MARKS: Gabrielle Newton (2.9 average)
  • TOTAL TACKLES: Jessica Fitzgerald (5.9 average)
  • TOTAL HITOUTS: Jaime Nelson (14.6 average)
  • TOTAL INSIDE-50s: Jessica Fitzgerald (3.7 average)
  • TOTAL REBOUND-50s: Phoebe Chisholm (2.8 average)
  • GOALS: Alyssa Bannan (12 from seven games)

Eastern Ranges:

  • TOTAL DISPOSALS: Tarni Brown (18.8 average)
  • TOTAL MARKS: Tess Flintoff (6.1 average)
  • TOTAL TACKLES: Tarni Brown (5.6 average)
  • TOTAL HITOUTS: Jess Grace (14.9 average)
  • TOTAL INSIDE-50s: Tess Flintoff (4.4 average)
  • TOTAL REBOUND-50s: Mietta Kendall (4.4 average)
  • GOALS: Serena Gibbs (11 from nine games)



16-year-old Gulia Ceravolo comes into Northern’s line-up for her eighth game of the season after missing last week, with fellow youngster Molly Uwland out of last week’s team.

The Ranges welcome talented 16-year-old ball-winner Olivia Meagher back into the team for her first match since Round 7, along with Riley Hall, Tayah Kelly, Kate Ridley, Carla Barics, Jessica Dunning and Lucy Hilton. Savannah Bowden, Madison Church, Bridget Deed, Sarah Humm, Matilda Hardy, Tess Power and Cassy Wilsmore are all out.




Saturday May 18 @ Shepley Oval from 2.15pm



Reigning premiers the Falcons lost their first match since Round 4 of the competition’s inaugural 2017 season when they fell to Northern by 36 points in Round 8. In eight wins either side of that defeat, Geelong conceded more than one goal to its opponent only twice and won all those games with a margin of at least 14 points.

Calder pipped the Ranges for third position on percentage thanks to notching a sixth win last week. The Cannons started the season with three straight victories before dropping games against the Oakleigh Chargers by 10 points in Round 4, Eastern by four points in Round 6 and the Falcons by 14 points in Round 7 (see below).



Round 7 @ Rams Arena: Geelong Falcons 3.2 (20) d Calder Cannons 1.0 (6)

The Falcons put Calder away early, kicking all three of their goals by the five-minute mark of the second quarter. Geelong’s defence was superb in keeping the Cannons scoreless until the final term and was led by Abbey Chapman (14 disposals and five rebound-50s), Daisy Smith (11 and three) and Elizabeth Dowling (11 and three), with skipper Lucy McEvoy recording 23 touches and 12 tackles. Calder was well served by captain Georgia Patrikios (31 disposals and one goal).



Geelong Falcons:

  • TOTAL DISPOSALS: Lucy McEvoy (22.3 average)
  • TOTAL MARKS: Lucy McEvoy (4.1 average)
  • TOTAL TACKLES: Lucy McEvoy (6.8 average)
  • TOTAL HITOUTS: Analea McKee (7.9 average)
  • TOTAL INSIDE-50s: Paige Sheppard (5.1 average)
  • TOTAL REBOUND-50s: Abbey Chapman (4.3 average)
  • GOALS: Mia Skinner (18 from nine games)

Calder Cannons:

  • TOTAL DISPOSALS: Georgie Prespakis (23.6 average)
  • TOTAL MARKS: Georgie Prespakis (2.9 average)
  • TOTAL TACKLES: Alana Barba (6.7 average)
  • TOTAL HITOUTS: Georgia Sampson (14.6 average)
  • TOTAL INSIDE-50s: Georgia Patrikios (4.6 average)
  • TOTAL REBOUND-50s: Georgie Prespakis (2.5 average)
  • GOALS: Georgie Prespakis (12 from eight games)



Goalkicking 15-year-old Poppy Schaap and 17-year-old Tamika Lewis return for the Falcons after both missed Round 9, with Bianca O’Brien and Annie Lee making way.

Kasey Lennox comes into Calder’s back line after a one-week absence, with fellow youngster Maggie Styles also into the team as a 23rd player. The Cannons will reduce their extended bench before game day.


See the full NAB League Girls Preliminary Finals teams below.

* CLICK HERE for printable PDF team lists.



Preliminary Final – 18/05/2019


Shepley Oval – Dandenong



B: 2. S. Fell, 10. P. Chisholm, 30. M. Plunkett

HB: 9. M. Chaplin, 18. S. Sansonetti, 17. C. Fitzgerald

C: 11. M.  Appleby, 23. G.  Newton, 16. Z.  Flanigan

HF: 6. A. Bannan, 3. N. Morris-Dalton, 7. A. Bennett

F: 20. C. Linssen, 21. E. McKenzie, 29. T. Pulcino

R: 1. J. Nelson, 14. J. Fitzgerald, 22. B. Gutknecht

Int: 8. G. Ceravolo, 26. M. Papachristos, 35. J. Simpson, 36. T. Smart

Emg: 24. J. Nursey, 38. L. Picioane, 31. M. Ramsay


In: G. Ceravolo, M. Ramsay, J. Nursey, L. Picioane

Out: M. Uwland



B: 17. M. Kendall, 51. S. Zappia, 1. C. Smith

HB: 29. M. Di Cosmo, 54. E. Odria, 11. M. Edwards

C: 20. J.  Richardson, 21. O.  Meagher, 10. K.  Ridley

HF: 8. R. Hall, 46. S. Gibbs, 39. L. McClelland

F: 33. T. Flintoff, 41. T. Merrett, 18. T. Kelly

R: 25. J. Grace, 26. T. Brown, 16. E. Horne

Int: 42. C. Barics, 30. J. Dunning, 35. L. Hilton, 36. R. O’Dwyer

Emg: 43. B. Deed, 34. M. Hardy, 48. I. Khoury


In: L. Hilton, I. Khoury, R. Hall, C. Barics, K. Ridley, O. Meagher, J. Dunning, T. Kelly

Out: S. Humm, M. Church, T. Power, S. Bowden, C. Wilsmore




Preliminary Final – 18/05/2019


Shepley Oval – Dandenong



B: 49. E. Dowling, 21. A. Chapman, 7. M. Holdsworth

HB: 16. E. Mahoney, 32. K. Haustorfer , 28. A. Sanderson

C: 12. L.  Gardiner, 38. L.  McEvoy, 1. E.  Vella

HF: 18. D. Moloney, 24. M. Skinner, 11. D. Smith

F: 4. P. Schaap, 48. J. Hecker, 39. R. Tierney

R: 35. G. Featherston , 23. L. Lesosky-Hay, 8. P. Sheppard

Int: 14. Z. Garth, 6. T. Hassett, 45. T. Lewis, 44. J. Robinson

Emg: 37. A. Lee, 46. A. McKee, 31. B. O’Brien


In: P. Schaap, A. McKee, T. Lewis



B: 4. K. Lennox, 19. P. Poultney, 22. M. Muller

HB: 24. K. Delia, 18. T. Gillard, 31. K. Petrevski

C: 38. L.  Cocomello, 21. G.  Patrikios, 8. Z.  Friswell

HF: 2. F. Theodore, 5. N. Crowley, 3. E. Yassir

F: 34. Z. Hardiman, 42. T. Crook, 25. A. Magri

R: 17. G. Sampson, 41. G. Prespakis, 11. A. Barba

Int: 40. C. Brown, 1. H. Cooke, 32. T. Fry, 15. M. McLeod, 44. I. McNeill-Wren, 29. E. Vivian, 35. I. Young

23P: 9. M. Styles


In: E. Vivian, K. Lennox, M. Styles, M. McLeod



This season’s fifth-placegetters the Oakleigh Chargers will also be in action this weekend, taking on the Tasmania Devils in an exhibition match at Windy Hill from 11am on Sunday: CLICK HERE for the team lists.

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