Published on August 12, 2019 9:54 am

Sam Berry (Gippsland Power) in action for Vic Country during its U17 Futures match

RESULTS: U17 Futures games

See the results of Sunday’s Under-17 Futures games at Ikon Park, when Vic Country defeated NSW/ACT and Vic Metro accounted for Queensland.

iThe Futures double-header showcased a range of the most highly-rated NAB League Boys players eligible for selection in next year’s NAB AFL Draft.


* CLICK HERE to see the Vic Country and Vic Metro squad lists as well as some of the players to watch from each NAB League club.



VIC COUNTRY   2.2   4.5   9.8   11.9 (75)

NSW/ACT   3.1   4.2   5.3   7.8 (50)



Vic Country: M. Annandale (Geelong) 2, D. Smith (Dandenong) 2, R. Angwin (Gippsland), D. Bedendo (Murray), S. Berry (Gippsland), W. Bravo (Dandenong), O. Henry (Geelong), S. Mitchell (Bendigo), J. Tillig (GWV)


Best players

Vic Country: Berry, Gribble (Geelong), Mitchell, Lazzaro (Geelong) and Gadsby (Geelong)


Top disposal-getters

Vic Country: S. Berry 23, C. Lazzaro 22, J. Tillig 22, Z. Maher (Murray) 21, R. Angwin 16, N. Gribble 16, N. Gadsby 15, K. Skene (Geelong) 15, D. Smith 14, W. Bravo 12, S. Mitchell 12, C. Gay (Dandenong) 11



VIC METRO   1.5   4.8   6.10   10.11 (71)

QUEENSLAND   1.2   4.3   5.5   6.7 (43)



Vic Metro: L. Failli (Western) 2, O. Lord (Sandringham) 2, L. McMahon (Northern) 2, J. Cardillo (Calder), J. Diedrich (Eastern), L. Jenkins (Oakleigh), F. Macrae (Oakleigh)


Best players

Vic Metro: R. McInnes (Oakleigh), F. Elliot (Oakleigh), C. Downie (Eastern), J. Cardillo, J. Bowey (Sandringham), L. McMahon


Top disposal-getters

Vic Metro: F. Macrae 35, R. McInnes 24, F. Elliot 22, D. Hipwell (Sandringham) 22, A. Perkins (Sandringham) 22, L. Cleary (Sandringham) 21, J. Bowey 20, C. Downie 20, J. Cardillo 18, J. Clarke (Eastern) 15, L. Jenkins 14, W. Parker (Eastern) 13

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