Published on August 8, 2019 1:20 pm

L-R: Oliver Henry (Geelong Falcons), Jake Bowey (Sandringham Dragons), Josh Treacy (Bendigo Pioneers) and Eddie Ford (Western Jets)

SQUADS: U17 Futures games

See the squad lists and read about some of the players to watch in Sunday’s Under-17 Futures games featuring Vic Country and Vic Metro.

The Futures matches will showcase a range of highly-rated NAB League Boys players eligible for selection in next year’s NAB AFL Draft.

Sunday’s double-header at Ikon Park begins with Vic Country facing NSW/ACT from 9.45am, which will be followed by Vic Metro taking on Queensland from 12.15pm.


See the Vic Country and Vic Metro squad lists for the Under-17 Futures games further down the page.




Comments from Vic Country Academy Coaching Director Leigh Brown.


JOSH TREACY (Bendigo Pioneers)

193cm, 88kg / 13 NAB League games in 2019

“Josh is a key forward and his strengths are his hit-up leading and marking, and his aggression. He’s strong in the contest and we like his attack on the footy. We’re happy with how his season has progressed and he was added into the Vic Country under-18 squad as a bottom-ager.”


DEAKYN SMITH (Dandenong Stingrays)

179cm, 65kg / seven NAB League games in 2019

“Deakyn is a Caulfield Grammar boy so we haven’t seen a heap of him at NAB League level this year, but his form in school footy has been really good. He can play inside or outside the contest and his body is developing well. He got a taste of Vic Country under-16s last year.”


OLIVER HENRY (Geelong Falcons)

186cm, 72kg / 13 NAB League games in 2019

“Oliver is the brother of (Geelong AFL player) Jack Henry. He’s a clever and versatile player who has had some big games playing both forward and back this season. We’ll probably start him at half-back, but anyone who can mark the ball and kick five goals in a game (as he did in Round 3) has some real weapons in the front half too.”


SAM BERRY (Gippsland Power)

180cm, 82kg / six NAB League games in 2019

“Sam attends Melbourne Grammar, where he was the footy team’s equal-best-and-fairest this year. He’s a strong-bodied midfielder who can get out of traffic really well and break the lines, but he can also take a strong mark. We’re looking forward to seeing his burst away from congestion in the middle of the ground.”



184cm, 70kg / nine NAB League games in 2019

“Harry has some real speed. He has an athletics background and his running is his strength, but he also has some goal sense. His ability to break the lines means we’ll likely play him on a wing or off half-back. He’s still only young – he has a December birthday – so we think he has a lot of upside.”


ZAVIER MAHER (Murray Bushrangers)

183cm, 82kg / four NAB League games in 2019

“Zavier is coming back from a knee injury suffered last year. He’s had a really strong season at Caulfield Grammar and has played some good games for Murray as well. He’ll play mainly through the midfield and probably a little bit off half-back and half-forward. We’re looking for him to be strong in the contest and take the game on.”




Comments from Vic Metro Academy Coaching Director Brett Allison.



185cm, 77kg / 14 NAB League games in 2019

“Jackson is a really versatile player who can impact the game from a wing, at half-forward or as an inside midfielder. He’s a really good mark for his size with good hands overhead and he also knows how to hit the scoreboard. He’s played every match for the Cannons so far this season.”


WIL PARKER (Eastern Ranges)

180cm, 76kg / 12 NAB League games in 2019

“Wil has played a fair bit of NAB League footy this year. He can play across half-back or on a wing and he reads the ball really well. He has the ability to win one-on-one contests and then use the ball very well by foot to help set up the play for his team.”


LIAM McMAHON (Northern Knights)

193cm, 78kg / 12 NAB League games in 2019

“Liam is a developing tall forward who is still trying to find consistency in his game and his exposure at NAB League level this year has given him a taste of what he needs to focus on for next season. He has good hands out in front on the lead and is capable of winning one-on-one marking contests.”


REEF McINNES (Oakleigh Chargers)

192cm, 83kg / eight NAB League games in 2019

“Reef has the ability to impact the game in all three areas of the ground. We’ll probably play him mainly on the ball as a taller midfielder, but he can also control the game well playing across half-back with his marking strength and his ability to set up play.”


JAKE BOWEY (Sandringham Dragons)

173cm, 65kg / 11 NAB League games in 2019

“Jake has had a pretty good NAB League season. He’s small in stature but very lively and clean below his knees, with really good speed and a very damaging kick. He can play on a wing, on the ball or as a crumbing forward. He’s the son of (ex-St Kilda 85-gamer) Brett Bowey.”


EDDIE FORD (Western Jets)

187cm, 80kg / 12 NAB League games in 2019

“Eddie has a bit of X-factor about him. He likes to roam the wings and the flanks at both ends of the ground, and if he gets a chance then he can take a very exciting mark. He’ll likely play across half-forward and on a wing because he loves to kick a goal.”




1 Ryan Angwin 12-Dec-02 181 62 Gippsland Power
2 Deakyn Smith 22-Aug-02 179 65 Dandenong Stingrays
3 Harry Sharp 17-Dec-02 184 70 GWV Rebels
4 Jack Ginnivan 19-Dec-02 180 73 Bendigo Pioneers
5 Jack Hickman 08-Apr-02 175 65 Bendigo Pioneers
6 Seamus Mitchell 03-Jul-02 182 78 Bendigo Pioneers
7 Sam Berry 12-Feb-02 180 82 Gippsland Power
8 Zavier Maher 05-May-02 183 82 Murray Bushrangers
9 Charlie Lazzaro 25-Mar-02 177 73 Geelong Falcons
10 Clayton Gay 23-Mar-02 183 71 Dandenong Stingrays
11 Will Bravo 06-May-02 180 73 Dandenong Stingrays
12 Noah Gribble 08-Jul-02 179 68 Geelong Falcons
13 Dominic Bedendo 09-Jul-02 185 67 Murray Bushrangers
14 Blake Reid 22-Oct-02 179 74 Geelong Falcons
15 Noah Gadsby 12-Mar-02 185 72 Geelong Falcons
16 Jack Tillig 07-Mar-02 187 81 GWV Rebels
17 Oliver Henry 29-Jul-02 186 72 Geelong Falcons
18 Max Annandale 30-Jan-02 190 87 Geelong Falcons
19 Ethan Baxter 31-Jan-02 192 79 Murray Bushrangers
20 Finn Ellis Castle 26-Jan-02 193 74 Bendigo Pioneers
21 Kyle Skene 01-Jun-02 188 83 Geelong Falcons
22 Josh Treacy 04-Aug-02 193 88 Bendigo Pioneers
24 Jai Neal 20-May-02 191 80 Dandenong Stingrays
25 Cameron Fleeton 17-Jun-02 189 76 Geelong Falcons
26 Mason Hawkins 02-Apr-02 198 81 Gippsland Power
27 Keith Robinson 28-Oct-02 198 80 Gippsland Power




1 Lucas Failli 14-Oct-02 170 70 Western Jets
2 Jake Bowey 12-Sep-02 173 65 Sandringham Dragons
3 Eddie Ford 21-Jun-02 187 80 Western Jets
4 Joshua Clarke 05-Mar-02 181 65 Eastern Ranges
6 Jackson Cardillo 03-Jul-02 185 77 Calder Cannons
8 Darby Hipwell 15-Aug-02 181 78 Sandringham Dragons
9 Finlay Macrae 13-Mar-02 183 73 Oakleigh Chargers
10 Connor Downie 31-May-02 183 81 Eastern Ranges
11 Archie Perkins 26-Mar-02 185 87 Sandringham Dragons
12 Lochlan Jenkins 23-Feb-02 178 76 Oakleigh Chargers
13 Liam Conway 06-Apr-02 186 75 Western Jets
15 Luke Cleary 05-Mar-02 189 74 Sandringham Dragons
16 Jack Keeping 25-Aug-02 186 66 Calder Cannons
17 Liam McMahon 02-May-02 193 78 Northern Knights
18 Fraser Elliot 05-Jul-02 188 86 Oakleigh Chargers
19 Wil Parker 29-May-02 180 76 Eastern Ranges
20 Ollie Lord 02-Jan-02 195 80 Sandringham Dragons
21 Reef McInnes 12-Dec-02 192 83 Oakleigh Chargers
22 Matthew Allison 29-Jan-02 191 76 Calder Cannons
23 Joshua Eyre 24-Oct-02 194 80 Calder Cannons
25 Jack Diedrich 19-Sep-02 199 84 Eastern Ranges
26 Cody Raak 08-Oct-02 191 78 Western Jets
27 Joe Nowell 05-Nov-02 198 88 Sandringham Dragons

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